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Explain the justification for keeping the emperor and describe how imperial democracy worked. How did the Occupation accomplish its other goals of demilitarization and decentralization ? When the United States created the postwar Constitution they wanted the Japanese government to pretend as if all of the components of the new Constitution were their own ideas (Gordon 231). One reason why the United States might have kept the emperor is because they wanted Japan to accept their changes more easily. The people who occupied Japan also did not have enough personnel and did not speak Japanese as well as they good in order to hold up an entire government. They decided to “shadow” Japan’s government instead, and passed all of their orders through bilingual Japanese officials (Gordon 234). The fact that the United States couldn’t hold up an entire government on its own could also justify their reason for keeping the emperor. They wanted to legitimize the reforms that the new constitution created (Gordon 234). MacArthur was also a huge supporter of the emperor.
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