Development 1 - Development 1 Module 1 Introduction to...

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Development 1: Module 1: Introduction to Psych 1XX3 Multiple levels of analysis needed to completely understand problems in psychology, including: Neuroscience Learning Cognition Development/evolution Social We may consider how learning and other aspects, like social and cognition contribute to depression. By understanding multiple aspects we can get a deeper and more complete understanding of the problem by having multiple different questions. We can also look at the biological aspects of depression including evolution, development and neuroscience. By looking at these aspects we have additional questions and answers that provide a deeper understanding also. We will explore how biology reacts with environment to shape behaviours critical to our survival. We will first study: Developmental psychology: gene-environment interactions across an individual’s lifetime Evolutionary psychology: gene-environment interactions across the evolutionary history of a species Neuroscience: the neural basis of thought and behaviour Then we will study how these biological foundations shape our sensory interactions to the environment and behaviours critical to survival. Module 2: Introduction to Development: How did I become the person I am today? Pre-disposition from genes? Or events from my childhood? Development: refers to the continuities and changes that occur within the individual between conception and death Development psychologists are therefore interested in how we change over time and how we stay the
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Development 1 - Development 1 Module 1 Introduction to...

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