236 - ch.10 vocab - ThePersonalityPuzzle,4thed.Chapter10...

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The Personality Puzzle, 4th ed. - Chapter 10 Title Description Reference Comment Image psychic determinism The assumption that everything psychological has a cause that is, in principle, identifiable. unconscious mind Those areas and processes of the mind of which a person is not aware. id In psychoanalytic theory, the repository of the drives, the emotions, and the primitive, unconscious part of the mind that wants everything now. ego In psychoanalytic theory, the relatively rational part of the mind that takes on the job of balancing competing claims of the id, the superego, and reality. superego In psychoanalytic theory, the location of the conscious and the individual's system of internalized rules of conduct, or "morality." psychic conflict The phenomenon of one part of the mind being at cross- purposes with another part of the mind. compromise formation In modern psychoanalytic thought, the main job of the ego, which is to find a compromise among the different structures of the mind and the many different things the
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236 - ch.10 vocab - ThePersonalityPuzzle,4thed.Chapter10...

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