236 - ch.11 vocab - ThePersonalityPuzzle,4thed.Chapter11...

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The Personality Puzzle, 4th ed. - Chapter 11 Title Description Reference Comment Image defense mechanisms In psychoanalytic theory, the mechanisms of the ego that serve to protect an individual from experiencing anxiety produced by conflicts with the id, ego, and superego. parapraxis An unintentional utterance or action caused by a leakage from the unconscious parts of the mind; a Freudian slip. ego psychology The modern school of psychoanalytic thought that believes that the most important aspect of mental functioning is the way the ego mediates between and formulates compromises among the impulses of the id and the superego. denial The defense mechanism that denies that a current source of anxiety exists. repression The defense mechanism that banishes the past from current awareness. reaction formation The defense mechanism that keeps an anxiety- producing impulse or thought in check by producing its opposite. projection
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236 - ch.11 vocab - ThePersonalityPuzzle,4thed.Chapter11...

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