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CASE Piedmont Trailer Manufacturing GomPanY Spreadsheet Gase Difficulty Rating: * CASE BACKGROUND piedmont Trailer Manufacturing company, a nationally recognized trailer manufacturer' produces a wide range of quality standarb and custom-built trailers' ranging from gooseneck to bumper pull traiter!. Although the Piedmont Trailer Manufacturing Company uses state- of-the-art information systems for most of its business processes, its custom order tracking process is primarily manual-based and requires major renovations. ln an effort to improve the custom order tracking process, a systems analysis and design project is currently underway. As part of thJ systems development team, one of your responsibilities is to prepare an economic feasibility analysis for an upcoming presentation to management' Ms. Geraldine pablo, the project manager, asks you to construct an Economic Felsibility workbook. The purpose of t6is workbo6k is to summarize and analyze the benefits and costs associated wiifr tne proposed custom order tracking project. The preparation of an Economic Feasibility workbook requires you to design five worksheets, use several
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CASE 2: Piedmont Trailer Manufacturing Gompany GASE SGENARIO Quality trailers and excellent customer service are the two primary reasons why the Piedmont Trailer Manufacturing Company is the nation's largest manufacturer of standard and custom-built trailers. Although the majority of the company's income is derived from the sale of standard trailers, the number of custom orders is on the rise. When a custom order is placed, the request is captured on several paper forms and then routed to the production department. Often it takes three months before a custom order is released to oroduction. This is due in part to the careful attention given to the customer by helping him select the right finishes' fixtures, trailer size, and other amenities. Management has decided that the custom orderirlg process is inefficient, time consuming, and costly. In an effort to improve the custom order tracking process, your project team is assigned the task of developing a custom order tracking system. During the planning phase, your project team identified several tangible benefits and costs. The new custom order tracking system will save the company money by decreasing storage, staff, and order rework expenses. Additionally, the proposed system should increase
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PiedmontTrailerCase - CASE Piedmont Trailer Manufacturing...

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