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Study Tips Long - Studying for Dr Herreras BISC 220...

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Studying for Dr. Herrera’s BISC 220 Exams (Long Version) - See also the short version of this document - Students often ask me questions like the following: What will the format be for the upcoming exam? How would you recommend studying? Do we have to read all of the assigned book sections, or just the areas that were covered in class? Will the exam emphasize the lecture material, the book, or both? I wanted to address these and similar questions by giving you my best advice on how to study. As I wrote, this grew into a fairly long document. Please see the short version which boils the same messages down to several bullet points. Shortly before you come to class, read the all of the assigned sections of the textbook. This should be a superficial reading. Resist the temptation to memorize, underline, annotate, highlight, absorb, or understand. At this point, your goals should be limited to familiarizing and orienting yourself to the topic and appreciating the context. This way, the upcoming lecture will be the second time you hear about the topic, not the first. Next, come to class. Come actually, not virtually via the video recordings. Using paper printouts or a laptop, take notes on the PowerPoint slides as best you can. Leave gaps or shorthand symbols to mark places where you can't keep up, couldn't understand what I said, or just didn't get it. As these confusions arise in class, feel free to raise your hand to ask for clarification. I don't mind at all, and I can often turn your question into some kind of teaching opportunity. This next part should be done soon after attending class, the sooner the better but
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2009 for the course BISC 220 taught by Professor Mcclure during the Spring '09 term at USC.

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Study Tips Long - Studying for Dr Herreras BISC 220...

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