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Posted Exam 3 2007 - BISC 220L Third Exam Spring 2007 1...

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Posted Exam 3-2007 Page 1 of 3 BISC 220L, Third Exam Spring 2007 1. After spending your freshman year in Los Angeles, you begin a summer job at a camp store in the high Sierra, at an elevation of about 8,000 feet. Keeping in mind the principles of negative feedback regulation, would you expect that your kidney’s secretion of erythropoietin would increase, decrease, or stay the same in the first few days after you arrive at your summer job? a. increase b. decrease c. stay the same 2. Indicate whether each the following statements is true or false by writing the word “True” or “False” in the blank. Do not mark with “T” or “F.” ________ a. An erythrocyte leaving the left ventricle of a dog must pass through either 2 or 3 capillary beds before it returns to the left ventricle. ________ b. In humans, blood in the vena cava has a lower partial pressure of O 2 than blood in the pulmonary artery. ________ c. During ventricular diastole, blood pressure in the right ventricle of the human heart is slightly higher than blood pressure in the vena cava. ________ d. Within a single cardiac contraction cycle, the atrioventricular node generates an action potential slightly before the sinoatrial node. 3. Write “increase” or “decrease” in each blank to correctly complete the sentences. Arteriolar vasoconstriction will ______________________ blood flow through capillaries connected to those arterioles. Blood pressure would be expected to _______________________ as blood flows along the length of capillaries. If one is standing for a while and then begins to walk, venous return to the heart would ______________________. 4. Which one of the following statements is false ? a. The concentration of proteins dissolved in the plasma is higher than the concentration of proteins dissolved in the extracellular fluid. b. Respiratory gases and nutrient molecules cross the walls of the smallest arterioles at about half the rate at which they cross the walls of capillaries. c. In the reactions that result in coagulation, fibrinogen is the normal substrate for the enzymatic action of thrombin. d. Production of blood cells occurs mainly in bone marrow.
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Posted Exam 3 2007 - BISC 220L Third Exam Spring 2007 1...

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