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Chapter 1 Outline - Chapter 1 Outline Microbiology Then and...

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Chapter 1 Outline Microbiology: Then and Now Introduction 1.1 The Beginnings of Microbiology Microscopy—Discovery of the Very Small Robert Hooke published Micrographia in 1665 Anton von Leeuwenhoek was skilled in grinding lenses, and described “animalcules” in a specimen of lake water Experimentation—Can Life Generate Itself Spontaneously? In the 1600s, many people thought life generated spontaneously from putrid and decaying materials Leeuwenhoek suggested maggots arose from eggs in the decaying material, not the material itself Francesco Redi found that if flies were prevented from landing on meat, it did not produce maggots John Needham claimed that animalcules resulted from decay of more complex organisms Lazzaro Spallanzani showed that prolonged heating and limited exposure to air decreased the number of animalcules in a specimen In 1859, Louis Pasteur discredited the idea of spontaneous generation 1.2 Microorganisms and Disease transmission Epidemiology—Understanding Disease Transmission Epidemiology is the study of the source, cause, and mode of transmission of disease Ignaz Semmelweis determined the source of blood poisoning of women in childbirth John Snow determined the cause of cholera transmission in London Variolation and Vaccination—Prevention of Infectious Disease Variolation involved exposing individuals to dried smallpox specimens Edward Jenner developed vaccination, inoculating individuals with cowpox The Stage is Set Advances in microscopy allowed for more investigation of microbes
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Chapter 1 Outline - Chapter 1 Outline Microbiology Then and...

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