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Chapter 7 Outline - Chapter 7 Prokaryotic Genetics...

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Chapter 7 Prokaryotic Genetics Introduction 7.1 Prokaryotic DNA Prokaryotic DNA Is Organized within the Nucleoid Most of the genetic information in prokaryotic cells is contained in the chromosome The chromosome is located in the nucleoid DNA within a Chromosome Is Highly Compacted DNA occupies around 1/3 of the total volume of the cell The chromosome is supercoiled – twisted and tightly packed by nucleoid-associated proteins Many Prokaryotic Cells also Contain Plasmids Plasmids are stable extrachromosomal DNA elements that carry nonessential genetic information They replicate independently from the chromosome F plasmids allow genetic material to be transferred from a donor cell to a recipient R plasmids carry genes for antibiotic resistance 2. DNA Replication DNA Replication Is a Highly Regulated Process The first stage of prokaryotic replication is initiation, where DNA unwinds and the strands separate The point where replication starts is the origin of replication ( ori C) As the DNA unzips, two replication forks form and move in opposite directions away from the origin The second stage is elongation, when enzymes synthesize a new strand to pair with each original strand Insertion of complementary nucleotides on the template strand is carried out by DNA polymerase III DNA polymerase III can move only in a 3’ to 5’ direction, creating a leading strand and a lagging strand The lagging strand is synthesized in Okazaki fragments, which are joined by DNA ligase Mistakes that occur in DNA replication are called mutations The third stage is termination, when the two DNA helices separate from each other
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Chapter 7 Outline - Chapter 7 Prokaryotic Genetics...

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