Chapter 19 Outline

Chapter 19 Outline - Chapter 19 Resistance and the Immune...

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Chapter 19 Resistance and the Immune System: Innate Immunity Introduction 19.1 An Overview to Host Immune Defenses Blood Cells Form an Important Defense for Innate and Acquired Immunity Serum is the fluid part of blood, containing minerals, salts, proteins, etc. Plasma is serum that cottains clotting agents Leukocytes (white blood cells) are produced in the bone marrow Neutrophils (polymorphonuclear leukocytes [PMNs]) are phagocytes Eosinophophils contain toxic compounds to defend against multicellular parasites Basophils are similar to mast cells, acting in allergic reactions Monocytes are phagocytes that mature into macrophages in tissue Lymphocytes move to the lymph nodes after maturation Natural killer (NK) cells destroy virus-infected and abnormal cells B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes are involved in acquired immunity Dendritic cells are found in the skin and other points of pathogen origin, and are involve in acquired immunity The Lymphatic System Is Composed of Cells and Tissues Essential to Immune Function Lymph is the clear fluid surrounding tissue cells and filling intercellular spaces The lymphatic system maintains and distributes lymphocytes The primary lymphoid tissues are the thymus and bone marrow The secondary lymphoid tissues are the spleen and lymph nodes The spleen contains cells that monitor and fight infectious microbes The lymph nodes contain phagocytes and lymphocytes Innate and Acquired Immunity Are Essential Components of a Fully Functional Human Immune
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Chapter 19 Outline - Chapter 19 Resistance and the Immune...

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