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Communication 10 Essay Exam #3 fix - Comm 10 Essay Exam...

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Comm 10 Essay Exam No.3 COMM 10 (1159) 2:45-4:50pm Tsui, Tsz Kin Martin (Martin) Q: Monitor an evening newscast on one of the local (Los Angeles-area) television stations . Time – 11 p.m. – July 19, 2007/7/19 Channel – KCBS 2, Channel 2 The top stories: 1) Robbery (Hollywood, CA) - A Clerk has been shot and killed, and a man was injured in Liquor Store at around 6:30 p.m. 2) Husband arrested (Anaheim, Orange County, CA) – “Anaheim Woman's Husband Arrested For Her Murder.” Gabriela Herrera, a woman from Orange County, has been murdered 7 months ago at the age of 31. Her husband, Angel Cerna, 35 years old, was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife, before he reported his wife was missing. 3) Safety Violations – Firefighters and green danger. 4) Manhattan explosion (New York City, NY) – “A titanic geyser of scalding vapor and earth erupted from a Manhattan street when an underground steam pipe exploded near Grand Central Terminal, sending people running for cover as debris rained down on the street. 1 person died, 30 more were injured, at least 4 seriously.” 5) Brazilian Plane Crash (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – “No Survivors In Brazilian Plane Crash.” Airbus-320 from TAM Airline crashed. 6) Police pursuit (Studio City, CA) – Mr. Sanchez, a guy that has been arrested after a chase on Los Angeles freeway with the LAPD. He has been filed for a lawsuit including driving without a license. 7) Dealer relationship (Orange, CA) – Cars companies including Nissan, etc. for something… 9) Downtown supermarket (Downtown L.A., CA) – Ralphs, a major supermarket chain in the Southern California area, has been the first supermarket to serve the community in downtown Los Angeles, while there is also a new place under construction where it
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is regarded as a new hot spot in downtown L.A. . In addition, it will also consist of housing places, sports entertainment center, restaurant and so forth. Thesis Statement: In my opinion, the 11 p.m. evening newscast by KCBS 2 (Channel 2) is acceptable, however, they have a lot of potential to improve compared with the newscast from KCAL 9 or *TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited, a “public” television station from Hong Kong.) My overall impression of this broadcast (or this newscast to be exact) is alright. If
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Communication 10 Essay Exam #3 fix - Comm 10 Essay Exam...

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