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Marketing301 Final paper - Executive Summary Mini known as...

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Executive Summary Mini, known as one of the best cars on the international automobile market, which is the division of BMW has been sold more than five million three hundred thousand cars since 1959 when Mini first came out. Mini was also selected as ‘the Best European Car in the Century’ by the press of 200 different countries in the year of 2000 (Park, 2005). Mini, which is built with the theme of ‘a small car body, spacious inside of the car’ is not only practical but also very attractive to a good few of consumers. The distinctive personalities of Mini, cosmopolitan, confident and ready for everything, make people interested in Mini and automatically set the target market. The official website of Mini copper,, says that today approximately 600 customized Mini is produced in Oxford, Great Britain and distributed to 53 different countries. Also, the website elucidates that the philosophy of the company, identifying potential and encouraging growth, knowing what the company present, recognizing the strengths of the company and making the best use of everyone opportunity, and following a clear strategy, influences the company’s structure. Firstly, we will talk about marketing environment in this project which will describe the environmental factors such as political, economical and technological. Secondly, we will talk about the target market that who are the main customer for Mini Cooper. Then we will move on to talk about the top three main competitors that Mini Cooper has. And lastly, we will be talking about the marketing mix about Mini Cooper, which are the 4ps. Product, price, promotion and place. Since this marketing plan is focusing in the US marketing, so there will be two products for the Mini Cooper. This
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project will also include the price of the products, the types of promotions that Mini Cooper is currently using, and the place that Mini Cooper will sell their products. We also have recommendations for Mini Cooper at the end of this marketing plan. We will be suggesting some ideas for Mini Cooper to improve their sales. Table of Contents Marketing Environment Political Factors The creation of the North American free trade agreement in 1991 was a good move to most of the manufacturers both nationally and internationally. The agreement helped the manufacturers / producers to move to Mexico or Canada due to cheap labor and other cost cutting activities. Also, during the early days of the agreement Canada had less trade rules than the United States, which made most of the firm move into Canada and many countries forming bilateral trade agreement, which helped most of the countries and companies to move good through Canada to the United States. But later due to common regulations followed by all three countries, the United States, Canada and Mexico, it became difficult for firm to move in. But it was easier for MINI to be imported to the U.S. because it had its sister concern BMW manufacturing plant in South Carolina.
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Marketing301 Final paper - Executive Summary Mini known as...

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