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Sample ‘work-out’ test questions for Phys 298 exam 1. 1. Consider a particle whose position is well-described by the expression r r = ( bt 2 " ct ) ) i + (8 t " 10) ) j , where r is measured in meters and t is time in seconds, b is a constant with numerical value 2, and c is a constant with numerical value 8. a. What are the units of the constant b ? m/s 2 b. What is the position of the particle when it stops moving in the x - direction? r r = " 8 ) i + 6 ) j meters c. Write the acceleration of the particle in vector form. r a = 4 ) i m/s 2 d. Is the motion of this particle most similar to free fall, projectile motion, circular motion, or motion due to a variable force? Projectile motion 2. Block A, of mass M, rests on a ramp inclined at angle θ to the horizontal. Block B, of mass m, hangs from an ideal string, which is routed over an ideal pulley and connected to block A. Block A is on the verge of slipping down the ramp. a.
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SampleTestQs298_1Sp08_ans - Sample `work-out test questions...

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