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practice Exam 1 Statistics 424 (Problem 1 is the only problem from last years test that is relevant) 1 The following are weight losses of machine parts(milligrams) due to friction when 3 diFerent lubricants were used under controlled conditions. Lubricant A : 6 4 5 Lubricant B : 13 10 13 12 Lubricant C : 7 9 11 (a) There are 10 parts available but only one machine is available. The tests must be run one at a time using the same machine. How would you conduct the test with n 1 = 3 , n 2 = 4 and n 3 = 3 ? (b) Decompose the array of observations into grand mean, treatment, and residual or error arrays. Specify the sum of squares and degrees of freedom
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Unformatted text preview: for each component. (c) Construct an analysis-of-variance(ANOVA) Table. (d) Test for equality of mean weight loss with α = . 05. What is the alternative hypothesis? (e) Give a 95 % con±dence interval for the diFerence in means for lubricant A and lubricant B. 2 Refer to lubricant A and C in problem 1. Explain how to obtain the random-ization distribution for a two-sample test of no diFerence in weight loss. 3 no problem —review the paired t test homework both sampling distribution for con±dence interval and randomization distribution. 1...
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