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Syllabus2008 - Religions of Latin America REL 133g Spring...

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Religions of Latin America REL 133g - Spring Term 2008 - Room: THH 201 - Day/Time: M/W 3:30-4:50 Professor: Dr. Roberto Lint Sagarena Teaching Assistants: Thang Dao, Micaela Smith, Gretel Vera Rosas and Terrion Williamson F. Khalo - Moises This course offers an historical survey of religious beliefs and practices in Latin America. Coverage will range from earliest Mesoamerica to contemporary Los Angeles. Latin American religion will be explored as a vast contact zone where traditions have come together and formed new hybrids. Special attention will be given to issues such as: religion as a force for liberation as well as violent oppression, continuities and disjunctures in Indigenous, African and European traditions, the impact of religion on constructions of gender, as well as the role of religion in Latin American politics and popular culture. REL 133g fulfills the General Education Civilizations II requirement and is a gateway course for the Latin American Studies Minor. Required Texts: Broken Spears Catalina De Erauso, Lieutenant Nun Bartolome de Las Casas, A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies Carlos Fuentes, The Buried Mirror (available at USC bookstore) The Course Reader (available at University Graphics/the Magic Machine, 3309 So. Hoover, in the University Village)
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What others have said about the course: “I never went to class and for that reason this class was pretty hard.” “…he posts notes online, but he elaborates on them way more in class, which is important. The kids that went to class did well.” “I really liked the class and everything, and he seemed like a chill guy, but this class was NOT a breeze. Be prepared to spend hours and hours studying for the exams.” “this professor is hypocritical… on the one hand he says his exams are going to be basic and you don't need to know that much information… but on the test… whoa!” “Seems to be self conscious about his hair, but is a snappy dresser.” Noise in Class: Given the size of this course (200+ students) it is imperative that folks be as considerate as possible about noise. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers before class starts and avoid conversations during lecture. Questions directed towards me during lecture are encouraged. IM-ing on laptops during class is kind of lame. (and don’t get me started on the issue of texting and using ipods during class…) Grading: Participation in Discussion Section: 10% First Exam: 15% Essay: 20% Second Exam: 15% Project: 20% Final Exam: 20% A 100-94% A- 93-90% B+ 89-87% B 86-84%
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Syllabus2008 - Religions of Latin America REL 133g Spring...

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