CS2134_HW5 - Homework #5 Due 11:59 p.m., Tuesday Nov 6 In...

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Homework #5 Due 11:59 p.m., Tuesday Nov 6 In class we studied an algorithm that converts infix expressions to postfix and an algorithm that evaluates postfix expressions. In this programming assignment, you’ll write a program to convert postfix expressions to (fully parenthesized) infix. It is closely related to the algorithm to evaluate postfix expressions. Rather than maintaining a stack of numbers, the program will maintain a stack of strings, each representing an infix expression. Scan the input from left to right, performing the following actions: 1. Read next token and determine whether it represents a number or an operator symbol 2. if the token is a number, create a string that represents the number and push it onto the stack 3. if the token is a binary operator symbol (+,-,*,/) 1. pop two strings (representing sub-expressions) from the stack 2. create a string of the form “( s1 op s2)”, where s1 and s2 are the popped strings and op is the new operator symbol 3. push the resulting string back onto the stack 4. if the token is a period, it denotes the end of the input When you’ve finished scanning the input, the stack should contain a single string representing the infix expression, provided that the input was a valid postfix expression. If the input expression is not a valid post-fix expression, your program should detect the problem, print an error message, and terminate. Implementation details: The input will come from a file “postfix.txt”. You may assume that the input file exists and that it contains a single expression.
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CS2134_HW5 - Homework #5 Due 11:59 p.m., Tuesday Nov 6 In...

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