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Thermodynamics Notes1 - ME 311 FALL 2007 THERMODYNAMICS S....

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ME 311 THERMODYNAMICS S. Masutani FALL 2007 Lecture I: Introductory Concepts (Sections 1.1-1.3 in textbook) Thermodynamics as a discipline focuses on energy. Energy , in turn, typically is related to the ability to perform work . A conceptual feeling for work usually is derived from Newtonian mechanics via integration of Newton’s 2 nd Law – what we usually see expressed as: a M F r r = Force is a concept and hence defies definition – has point of application; – and direction; – related to interaction between bodies or entities; – Newton’s 1 st Law: motion is induced by an unbalance of forces 1 st law cannot be tested since forces cannot be evaluated, i.e., measured, without invoking this law. So what do we have? 1. Concepts– the building blocks of any science. – Ideas —which tend to defy definition. 2. To reduce mathematics–the language of science–to a tractable level, we employ models which introduce certain simplifications and approximation of the real world. Theory is based on models. – Utility of theory is restricted by idealizations made in formulating models. 3. Finally, we have laws which express these concepts and the theories based on models in mathematical terms. These laws allow man to explain and predict the physical phenomena of the universe. Laws are not absolute; they are a human contrivance in attempt to understand and codify the complexities of nature; Laws are amended and extended as the complexities of models increase to encompass a wider range of situations. I hope during this course you will have the time to reflect upon the various formulae that heretofore you have been compelled to memorize.
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Thermodynamics Notes1 - ME 311 FALL 2007 THERMODYNAMICS S....

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