practiceexam1-solution - -------NAME:MAE 316 Strength of...

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Unformatted text preview: -------NAME:MAE 316 Strength of Mechanical Components NC State University Spring Semester 2008 Midterm #1 (Practice Test) 1.) Determine the principal stresses and maximum shear stress at point on the bicycle pedal crank shown in the figure. The pedal and crank are in a horizontal plane and point A is located on the top ofthe crank. The load P=1601b acts in a vertical irection and the distances (in the horizontal plane) between the line of action ofthe load and point A are b]=5.0in and b2=2.5in. Assume that the crank has a solid circular cross ection with diameter tFO.6in. (30pts) p= 160 Ib 'SS.Oin. b2 = 2.5 in. l:?? {'A,-:=: ~bzI. F A~~ftb~-\ -" r iJ f'<l2:=ph j \~\h~~()KQ. rorqV\R.. T I .end('V)'(f mO\11-eJ'\/t. JY\2 Q.,nd'~V ~PO\\I\+ A. T\,ef} ~CU\Se.sheP\K ~tr~~IncY'tn~s'~CV')~sl,e.ovr ~~)ru PW?v.e1"d-' me. QvTC_ tSx= -- '"C)!.r ----LbL~~::''IJ J hrr o, ')o\(J ctrWCLr ~-';)d('ct'\_I' \ 4--: --rr c. 't l =: ~TcJ2 ' t I , I2Jt ~to 4--Y-3A ~~-fb-ru. (j:UA~rn~'~l{}Y\csh~...
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practiceexam1-solution - -------NAME:MAE 316 Strength of...

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