lec01.365 - Fall 2007 CPE/CSC 365 Introduction to Database...

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Unformatted text preview: . . Fall 2007 CPE/CSC 365: Introduction to Database Systems Alexander Dekhtyar . . Overview of the Course What is a Database ? Databases and Database Management Systems. A Database is an organized collection of data. A Database Management System (DBMS) is software designed to maintain and support databases . (Imaginary) FAQ 1. Why study databases? • Databases are nearly ubiquitous. • Management of data is a bottleneck for many applications. • Efficient management of data requires special approaches. • These special approaches are demonstratably successful. 2. Databases are ubiquitous? • Think of the last time you interacted with a database. How long ago was it? 1 • How many different databases have you interacted with yesterday? How many different databases do you interact with during a single week? • Name 10 different uses of databases. 3. Why is management of data such an issue? • Sizes of data collections - both electronic and not. • Organization of data collections: how do we make sure what we collect is usable ? 4. So, what is management of data, after all? The term ”management of data” encompasses support for the following: • description of the data collection organization format; • storage of data in organized form;...
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lec01.365 - Fall 2007 CPE/CSC 365 Introduction to Database...

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