lab1.366 - . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling,...

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Unformatted text preview: . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling, Design and Implementation . Lab 1: SQL Practice Due date: Tuesday, January 8, 4:00pm . Note: Technically, the assignment is due by the end of the first lab period. This deadline is extended by one hour to allow for assignment preparation time, especially for the students who have not seen before the data used in the lab. Lab Assignment Assignment Preparation This is an individual lab. Each student has to complete all work required in the lab, and submit all required materials exactly as specified in this assignment. The assignment uses one of the datasets used in CPE 365-03 in Fall 2007 quarter. The dataset, BAKERY, records information about one month of sales from a small bakery to a list of its dedicated customers. The datset captures the notions of an on-line transaction (a single purchase) and market baskets (each purchase may contain more than one item). The dataset (individual files or the entire archive) can be downloaded from the the course web page: dekhtyar/366-Winter2008/ Please make sure you read the README file for the BAKERY dataset carefully before you start your work. You will actually not need to peruse the raw data files from the dataset: to speed up your work, you are provided with...
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This note was uploaded on 05/19/2008 for the course CSC 365 taught by Professor Dekhtyar during the Spring '08 term at Cal Poly.

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lab1.366 - . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling,...

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