lab3.366 - . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling,...

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. . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling, Design and Implementation Alexander Dekhtyar . . Lab 2: Database requirements analysis and design Due date: Tuesday, January 29, 4:00pm . This is a group lab . Each group submits one set of deliverables. Each group member receives the same grade for the assignment. Lab Overview This lab includes three assignments. Populate project wiki with information provided to you by the cus- tomer. Revisit your Lab 2 design submission and improve it to take instructor comments, and unsatisFed customer requirements into account. Prepare the relational database schema for your design. Assignment Project Wiki We have created a project wiki for the course. The wiki is accessible from the course web page. The direct URL is The wiki will be used to store various information about the project and is designed to be a one-stop destination if you need questions concerning the project answered. All documentation made available by the customer will be put there by the instructor. with the customer, as well as any other information you found from the customer in the course of Lab 2. 1
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Assignment. Each group is responsible for documenting the answers to the questions, the group has asked on January 17. You have created a list of questions and some groups provided short answers in their Lab 2 submissions. These need to be put into the wiki and expanded. Each group is only responsible for putting answers to the questions the group actually asked. However, you are also welcome to edit (add, update) information about other questions.
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lab3.366 - . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling,...

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