lab4.366 - . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling,...

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Unformatted text preview: . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling, Design and Implementation Alexander Dekhtyar . . Lab 4: Software Design, Database Creation, Query Prototyping Due date: Thursday, February 21, 4:00pm . This is a group lab . Each group submits one set of deliverables. Each group member receives the same grade for the assignment. Lab Overview This is the last project-related lab for the class. During this lab each group will do the following: Finalize the database design. Create the database using data provided by the customer. Prepare the software design and the GUI prototypes for the key func- tionality of the software. Develop and debug prototypes for the SQL (or SQL/PL) queries to be used by the software you are developing. The lab is organized into three stages: 1. Preparation. February 5. Each team studies the software spec and the specific assignment, prepares questions for the customer. 2. Software Requirements Elicitation. February 7. Each cohort consults with Stephanie Yarbro concerning their specific project. 3. Database creation, software design. February 12 February 21. Teams prepare software design, finalize and build their database, put cus- tomer data in it, develop and debug queries. 1 Software Specification The customer has submitted the project specification document. The docu- ment is available from the course web page and the project wiki. The direct URL for the document is: dekhtyar/366-Winter2008/project/Software- spec.doc The document outlines the overall software needs of the horse nutrition program. Due to the tight timeline of the course, each project team will im- plement a subset of the overall specifications, related to a specific collection of functionality. The following three software products are to be designed and implemented. Day-to-day Management Tool. Green cohort teams. The teams of the green cohort are tasked with the implementation of the base system for management of animal diets and inventory. The key com- ponents of the system are management of diets (creation, assignment to animals), management of animals (introduction of horses into the unit, assignment of locations) and management of inventories (track- ing quantities of feed, purchases and withdrawls). This software is to be developed in Java. Web-based tool. Red cohort teams. The teams of the red cohort are tasked with the implementation of the web-based access to the ani- mal nutrition database. The software will concentrate on retrieval of information from the database and its display for various categories of users, while the management component of the software will be limited to diets. This software can be developed using any web pro- gramming frameworks the teams are profecient with, with the caveat that the teams are responsible for proper database connectivity to the CSL Oracle server....
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lab4.366 - . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling,...

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