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. . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366: Database Modeling, Design and Implementation Alexander Dekhtyar . . Lab 2: Database requirements analysis and design Due date: Tuesday, January 22, 3:00pm . This is a group lab . Each group submits one set of deliverables. Each group member receives the same grade for the assignment. Course Project Information This quarter, CPE 366 comes with a group course project. General infor- mation about the project is provided below. Customer. Our customer this quarter is Dr. Mark Edwards, Associate Professor at Cal Poly’s Animal Science department, and the head of the horse nutrition program. Dr. Edwards works with a senior Animal Science student Stephanie Yarbro, who will also be involved in the project and will represent the customer on a number of occasions. Project. The customer asks us to design and build a database storing horse nutrition information and tracking inventory of horse feed at the Cal Poly’s horse unit. The customer asks us to design and implement a database application that allows the customer, his students and colleages and other categories of users access information about horse diets, horse locations within the horse unit and, additionally, to track the feed inventory over the period of time. Lab Overview In the course of this lab, you will elicit requirements for the database, and build initial database design. The lab assignment spans three lab periods, each of which will serve a diFerent goal. This document speci±es your as- signment for each of the periods as well as ±nal deliverable. 1
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The overview of the lab structure is below. January 15, 2008: 12:10 - 1:30pm: tour of Cal Poly’s horse unit with Dr. Edwards. An introduction into the application domain, intial information about customer needs. January 17, 2008: 12:10 - 1:30pm: question and answer session with Dr. Edwards. An opportunity to obtain clariFcations of the cus- tomer’s domain, information to be stored in the database, customer’s needs and customer’s vision for the database and (time permitting) the database application. January 22, 2008: 1:40 - 3:00pm: group lab session. An opportunity to consult course instructor and Fnalize initial database design. Sub- mission of deliverables. Assignment Horse Unit Tour The tour of the horse unit will serve as your introduction to the application domain. During the tour, Dr. Edwards will discuss various aspects of oper- ation of the horse unit, which need to be captured by the database you are designing. Questions are welcome throughout the tour. Prior to reading your assignment, please, note the following:
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lab2.366 - Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 366 Database Modeling Design...

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