lab8.365 - . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 365: Database Systems...

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Unformatted text preview: . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 365: Database Systems Alexander Dekhtyar . . Lab 8: PL/SQL Due date: Thursday, November 29, midnight Assignment Preparation The main part of this assignment is to be done in teams. The remaining part is individual. You can organize yourselves in teams of 2-3 people each. Once you build your team, one member of the team needs to email me at [email protected] . The email message should have the header ‘‘CSC 365: Lab 8" . In the body of the message, please put the names and emails of all team members. Lab Assignment In a Nutshell The lab consists of parts: • Part 1. (individual) Fix all queries from Labs 4 and 6. • Part 2. (team) Create a PL/SQL package of functions and proce- dures for the new AIRLINES dataset. This part tests your ability to extend the functionality of SQL with PL/SQL code for transitive closure (i.e., reachability). AIRLINES Dataset The AIRLINES dataset represents information about airlines, airports and connections between airports. There are three .csv files in the dataset. airlines.csv contains a list of airlines with some information about them. 1 airports100.csv contains a list of 100 US airports. flights.csv contains a list of flights (connections) between different airports. Each airline operates 50 routs. Each route connects two different air- ports A1 and A2 . The airline operates two flights on each route: one flight goes from A1 to A2 and one — from A2 to A1 . More information about the AIRLINES dataset can be found in its README file. The AIRLINES dataset can be downloads from the class web page: ∼ dekhtyar/365-Fall2007/ Note, that the AIRLINES dataset is very simplistic. It does not record information about the arrival and departure times of the flights, neither does it provide any realistic data: all connections are randomly generated. Part 1 Using the gradesheets from Labs 4 and 6, revisit your submissions and fix your queries to provide correct answers. For Lab 4, you can use the row-count file available from the course web page as the guide. If you have questions regarding specific Lab 6 queries, ask the instructor. There is no deliverable for this part, but queries like those in Lab 4 and Lab 6 will be asked on the final exam, so, this part of the lab goes towards your final exam preparation. This is an individual task, and should be done outside of the lab time, or after the team part of the lab is completed....
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lab8.365 - . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 365: Database Systems...

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