lab7.365 - . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 365: Database Systems...

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Unformatted text preview: . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 365: Database Systems Alexander Dekhtyar . . Lab 7: Database Connectivity with JDBC Due date: Thursday, November 15, midnight Assignment Preparation This is a team lab. You can organize yourselves in teams of 2-3 people each. Once you build your team, one member of the team needs to email me at . The email message should have the header CSC 365: Lab 7" . In the body of the message, please put the names and emails of all team members. Due to the nature of the lab assignment, it makes sense to stay in the same groups as for Lab 1. However, this is not a requirement, new group arrangements may be used. Lab Assignment In a Nutshell Each group is to build a Java JDBC application that implements exactly the functionality of Lab 1 part 2 plus some additional functionality related to loading data, and extra queries to be implemented. To make this assignment self-sufficient the next section provides the re- quirements for the application you are building. Any additions/changes to the requirements are marked appropriately. The Task As in Lab 1, you are given a list of students of a local elementary school to- gether with their class assignment. The STUDENTS dataset available from the course web page contains the data files. Recall that the dataset contains two files, list.csv , storing information about students, and teachers.csv storing information about teachers. 1 The format of list.csv is StLastName, StFirstName, Grade, Classroom A sample line from list.csv is DROP, SHERMAN, 0, 104 (Sherman Drop is a kindergarden student assigned to classroom 104.) The format of teachers.txt is TLastName, TFirstName, Classroom A sample line from teachers.csv is NIBLER, JERLENE, 104 (Jerlene Nibler teaches in classroom 104.) Your goal is to design and implement the schoolsearch program which uses JDBC to (a) connect to the Oracle server, (b) create the database (as needed) and load the dataset data into it (as needed), (c) retrieve informa- tion from the database basedon queries presented in interactive and batch modes. Specs You are two write a program called schoolsearch , which implements the requested functionality. The program shall be written in Java. The program must satisfy the following requirements. R1. The program shall run from the command line. R2. The program shall have two modes: interactive and batch. R3. In the batch mode, the program is run with a single instruction, speci- fied as command-line parameters. The program shall perform the requested operation and output the results. The command-line should look as follows: > java schoolsearch <INSTRUCTION> R4. The interactive mode of the program is invoked if the program is run without command-line parameters. In the interactive mode, the program shall provide the user with a prompt, read search instructions entered by the user, print the result, and wait for the next user instruction until the termination command is recieved....
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lab7.365 - . . Fall 2007 CSC/CPE 365: Database Systems...

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