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Review for Exam I Hint : What you should do in order to get good score in your BUS2700 exams Focus more on the lectures we discussed in class including the PowerPoint slides for each lecture posted on the class web site, especially the topics on the following list. Lecture One : 4 questions Business Strategy and Information Strategy Basic Strategies in business Lecture Two : 7 questions Information Systems - definition EII General Architecture based on application scope Six components of EII Telecommunication component Communication component Lecture Three
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Unformatted text preview: : 21 questions What is the Internet? Why was it developed? TCP/IP What is it? IP Address and Domain Names of the computers on the Internet Packet Intranet vs. Extranet Internet economy Internet ecosystem four layers of infrastructure Dot-com companies Brickn mortar vs. Brickn click vs. Clickn click vs. Clickn brick Lecture Four : 14 questions Model of telecommunications networks five basic components Types of computer networks Additional types of computer networks Telecommunications media Network topologies...
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