Russian Politics

Russian Politics - Russian Politics I. Quick Review:...

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Unformatted text preview: Russian Politics I. Quick Review: Stalinism I I. Why Stalinism? 3 explanations a. Direct result of Marxism i. Stalinism took the worst b. Russia's economic situation, Russia was very underdeveloped and in poverty, so Stalinism was the only way to receive mass change the only way to have a very stron g fist. c. A t rend- Stalinism can be seen of many dictatorships that were seen around the world, the Domino effect was to go in an authoritarian direction I I I. Post-Stalinist order (Stalin dies in 1953) (not until much later that people see Stalin as being directly responsible for these issues because of the cult of leadership) a. Kh rushchev- new leader of the political partyNiki ta Kh rushchev, denounce stalin, party was divided between those who support Stalin and those who do not. i. t r ied different things such as growing corn in Russia bad idea 1. First Soviet leader to visit the United States (Disney World, John Wayne) b. Nomenklatura - party members that were appointed supervisory rules in the government and in the party, really an elite within the VanGuard party, in 1964 while Kh rushchev is on vacation these people meet and call for Khrushchev to resign c. Gorbachev: gosplan and Perestroika Totalitarianism- a regime where the state regulates public and private life Authoritarianism Less than 10% of the workforce had beyone elementary education 80% went to education beyond elementary level over a spread of time 1928-1975- 4.5% a year Machinery and cotton production 1977 Russia launches the Sputnik race to space ...
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Russian Politics - Russian Politics I. Quick Review:...

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