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Political Philosophy - State Essentially a state is a...

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State Essentially a state is a theory about the connection between a possible ruler and its people, legitimacy, physical violence. More instituionalized Polyarchy 1) elected officials; 2) free and fair elections; 3) inclusive suffrage; 4) the right to run for office; 5) freedom of expression; 6) alternative information; and 7) associational autonomy(1 ). i. maintains a monopoly of violence over a territory. ii. Made up of institutions to generate and carry out policy 1. Army 2. Police 3. taxation Civil society citizens, civilians iii. to protest against the government or state iv. organized action against the state or some state policy Nation group of people that thinks they are entitled to self-determination, the right to decide how they are ruled, sovereignty. Liberal vs. social democracy a. - democracy that is supported by the liberal ideas (individual thinking) i. Participation ii. Competition iii. Liberty b. The state should regulate and give societies the tools they need to create organizations… i. Everyone in society receives a minimum in order to survive. Industrial capitalism 1. Has to do with the size of the market 2. Mechanized production 3. Rise of the proletariat
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4. The creation of factories and new urban geography Post war settlement I. 194-1975)- destroyed/reconstruction, unemployment, debt (UK), inflation, role of woman . Labor party is rising to power. a. Welfare state Keynesianis m i. When economy is in a slump, the government should not stop spending, but spend more….invest. Keep employment up, vary tax etc.
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Political Philosophy - State Essentially a state is a...

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