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Stalin - (1,000,000 members of the party are sent to gulags...

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I. Review: Leninism II. 1917- Revolution, Bolsheviks (1912) and the communist stae a. Leninism is the leader of the Bolsheviks III. Stalinism: 3 characteristics a. Attack on society- all criticism of the Bolsheviks party are forbidden, anti-semitism, gulags, forced labor camps in Siberia (looked very much like the Nazi camps, in fact some were worse). i. By 1929- no journal or magazine except party journal or magazine allowed. Stalin opposed religion and “did something about “, he tears down churches and monasteries, begins to attack private property after Lenin had taken that away, if resisted you were sent to the gulag. ii. Believes in state seizer for food- starvation, mass starvation b. Attack on politics- 1934-1939 turns on the party i. Rules through the KGB secret police that only answers to Stalin 1. Purges anyone in the party who has anything remotely to say against him
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Unformatted text preview: (1,000,000 members of the party are sent to gulags or run away (everyone is a part of the party)) c. Attack on the leader- Petrograd was renamed by the population Leningrad, Stalin had come into power and renamed in Stalingrad. He wants the soviets to revere him, i. He wants the image of strength so he wears the army uniform, wants to be called “beloved father”. ii. Stalin is depicted in history books as the person who started the Bolsheviks party (made it so Lenin was downplayed in his role). IV. Lenin’s Vision V. Joseph Stalin- Lenin does not trust Stalin at all. a. From his death bed dictates to his wife what he wants to happen afterwords. i. His “will” is never read because Stalin has convinced the party that the man was crazy and not worth...
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Stalin - (1,000,000 members of the party are sent to gulags...

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