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Brazilian democratic institutions (1988-2007) 1. Electoral System a. Presidential b. Multi-party i. Weak parties ii. Weak party affiliation c. Compulsory voting i. Ages 16-30 2. Constitution a. Constitution has been amended a little over 54 times b. Specific clauses that talk about civil rights, that stop extreme groups. c. Referendum- i. House of congress ii. President iii. Citizen 3. President a. Appointed for 4 year terms. b. Head of state and head of government. c. Appoint and dismiss cabinet (advisors) i. Appoints supreme court judges but cannot dismiss after elected. d. Veto power over bills e. Power to declare war f. “Medida Provisória” temporary measure- allows the president to introduce a bill or law without going through congress
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Unformatted text preview: g. Must be 35 or over 4. National Congress a. Upper and lower house i. Upper- senate 1. 81 members 2. 3 senate members from each of the 26 states +federal region 3. 8 year terms (not all senators are elected at the same time….2/3rds elected then 2 years later they elect 1/3) 4. Majority vote (50% of vote, winner takes all) 5. Power to impeach the president (serve as a check) ii. Lower house- chamber of deputies. 1. (almost equivalent of the house of commns) 2. 513 members 3. 8-70 per district 4. Proportional Representation (PR System) 5. 4 year terms in chamber of deputies, all appointed at once, equal in power ....
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92807 - g Must be 35 or over 4 National Congress a Upper...

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