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DNA - monomer a Adenine and deoxyribose sugar for a...

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Biology Lecture September 28, 2007 Mitosis and Meiosis 1. Crossing over occurs at prophase one. 2. Non disjunction- failure of pairs of chromosomes to separate in anaphase 1 of meiosis. One cell ends up being more of…then its partner. Can vary from extreme to mild. a. Translocation b. Portion of a chromosome breaks from one and attaches to a chromosome of another pair. c. Prophase one- homologue pairs allowed to react…possible extra fragment from a chromosome. d. G2 screens all errors of DNA, chromosomal error. e. Identical sex cells 2^23 in a human being…roughly 8 million…1 in a trillion more genetic diversity, potential mutations f. Anaphase1- g. Sister chromatecs anaphase 2 DNA 1. ATP is a nucleotide- phosphate, pentose sugar (5 sgars), one nitrogenous base
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Unformatted text preview: monomer a. Adenine and deoxyribose sugar for a nucleoside b. Nitrogenous base and ribose can form nucleoside as well. c. Nucleoside + phosphate group nucleotide. d. AMP-1 , ADP-2, ATP-3 (phosphates) 2. DNA + RNA a. DNA- double stranded with exception of some viruses i. deoxyribose b. RNA- single stranded i. Ribose • Purine-2 adenine, guanine o 2 rings Biology Lecture September 28, 2007 • Pyrimidines-3 cytosine, thymine, uracil o One rine 1. Sugar and phosphate backbone a. Hydrogen bonds- easy splitting b. Nitrogenous base positive end and negative end 2. Equidistant- Watson and Crick a. Purine bonds to a pyrimidine b. Genetic code specific units of inheritance c. 5’prime to 3’prime nucleotides attach...
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