lac operon - i Lactose binds to the repressor and tweak it...

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1. Small subunit get the process started in relation to the ribosome a. Methionine 2. Release factor to stop translation a. Polypeptide chain Primary protein or structure b. rRNA- increase the rate at which the bonds are formed 3. The lac Operon in E. coli a. An operon is a cluster of bacterial genes along with an adjacent promoter that controls the transcription of those genes i. When the genes in an operon are are transcribed, a single mRNA is produced for all the genes in that operon. b. Lactose utilization gene- synthesize something that helps digest (glucose+galactose) saccharide c. 3 genes when to begin transcription i. Promoter 1. Prokaryote- transcribe 3 genes 2. Regulatory gene- regulate transcription d. RNA Polymerase- i. *if RNA Polymerase can bind to the promoter then DNA transcription WILL take place. ii. If cannot touch the promoter then transcription will not happen. e. Regulator gene- i. Isolated a regulatory protein that has the affinity for the promoter which will bond to the operator f. Lactose present-
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Unformatted text preview: i. Lactose binds to the repressor and tweak it so it cannot remain bound to the promoter , then RNA Polymerase can move in and attach to the promoter and initiate transcription (lactose utilization gene) probably produces lactase or some enzyme. 1. Enzyme breaks this down to glucose and galactose ii. No lactose present – 1. The regulatory protein can come in and bind to the inhibitor. 2. *concentration of sugar that ultimately becomes the on/off switch 4. Eukaryotic Regulation (Chapter 19) a. Two points of regulation i. In the nucleus 1. Regulate the production of pre-mRNA (similar to lac operon) 2. RNA Processing 3. Regulate or control the mRNA prior to leaving the nucleus ii. Cytoplasm 1. Regulate ribosomal subunit (slow down translation) 2. Take mRNA move into cytoplasm and immediately destroy it. 3. Prions- destroy central nervous system-don’t allow the polypeptide to become a tertiary structure. Keep it for long periods of time....
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lac operon - i Lactose binds to the repressor and tweak it...

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