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Digestion - direct secretion amplification nothing...

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1. Duodenum- a. Acids in the stomach stimulate the release of bicarbonate b. Secretin- actual hormone that will cause the pancrease to release bicarbonate c. Pyloric sphincter- hormones can keep closed to further digest d. Meal high in saturated fats i. The stomach will hold up a little longer and try to soften before release into the duodenum (CCK) 1. Gull bladder, pancreas 2. Bile-emulsify 2. Chemical digestion of proteins a. HCl causes protein to unfold b. Enzyme, ph 2, c. Lumen- chemical digestion takes place d. Parietal- cell secretes e. Pepsinogen f. *pepsin can also activate pepsinogen i. Acid in stomach in lumen that activates pepsinogen which goes onto de- naturation ii. Every 3 days lining is rebuilt by mitosis, provided all other things are equal iii. Neutralize HCl g. Slow digestion down i. Slow down stomach peristalsis ii. Secretion of pepsinogen in the stomach would be an example of positive feedback
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Unformatted text preview: direct secretion, amplification, nothing inhibiting the process (“pump it up, turn it out, shut it down”) h. Caediac valve-reverse peristalsis i. Acid reflux is a temporary spasm. i. Large intestine-i. Symbiotic relationship ii. Vitamin k 1. Sharks carnivorous- don’t need length of intestine like humans. Must first initially completely digest meal. 2. Fiber diet- have longer intestines j. Appendix- k. Incredible amount of water used in digestion i. Ex: HCl is only useful after hydrolyzed 1. Most of the water is recycled in large intestine 2. Colon- last region of LI, ii. All material moves to liver 1. Some materials can readily move across the stomach lining and not go through the liver a. Ex: alcohol only if has gone through the small intestine b. Hypatic cortal vein i. Liver reduces concentration of sugar and puts back in at about 0.1%...
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