Spongecirculation - i. Arteries- (have thick muscle) move...

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1. Sponge<->human connection a. Tubes b. Filtering c. Amoebacytes**** d. Circulation 2. Circulation (w/respect to the pipe network) a. Circuits i. Systemic- from the heart to the body ii. Pulmonary- reptiles (crocodile and alligator have an almost complete pulmonary (2 atrium, 1 or two ventricles)circuit bc blood is not accessing the skin where they can breath iii. Gill iv. Pulmocuetaneous**- breath through skin. Dedicated to bringing oxygen from the heart to the lungs and back. v. Single loop vi. Double loop- b. Fish i. Single loop circuit- (fish lack lung) 1. Gill circuit and systemic circuit a. Constant mixing of arterial blood and venus* blood ii. Two chamber heart 1. Atrium 2. Ventricle 3. Blood vessels: the vascular system (sympathetic nervous system-autonomic) a. Taking blood to the tissues and back- nutrients, oxygen, metabolic waste (ingestion)
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Unformatted text preview: i. Arteries- (have thick muscle) move blood away from the heart 1. No valves ii. Arterioles- (have sphincter that help constrict and redirect blood flow-located right before the capillary networks) iii. Capillaries iv. Venules v. Veins-(have thin muscle)- 1. Function move blood back to the heart 2. Structure- veins have valves a. One way valves- forces the blood in a positive direction and prevents from moving back down. i. when get older valves get weaker 1. third more volume every time heart contracts. 3 chamber heart gives way for lungs Amphibians breathe through skin- Atrium# Ventricle# Grasshopper-malphegian tube...
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Spongecirculation - i. Arteries- (have thick muscle) move...

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