Neurons - b Central area synovial fluid-move electrolytes...

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1. Neurons a. Afferent neurons- sensory neurons b. Inter neurons or associate c. Efferent neuron-motor neuron 2. Reception-afferent 3. Transmission- interneuron 4. Integration- interneuron 5. Response- motor neurons- can be 3ft plus 6. Dendrites a. Each has a cell body b. Extension of the cell body called the axon c. Nerve impulses-two types i. Electrical- synapse- two neurons come into physical contact with each other and held together by gap junctions. ii. Pulp of teeth-pain does not go away d. Chemical synapse- space between two nerve cells i. Synaptic clef- chemical space between them ii. Spinal- dendrites and cell bodies 1. White (stained area)- contains axons iii. Peripheral nervous system- 7. Spinal cord a. Brain- gray matter on the outside, white matter is on the inside
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Unformatted text preview: b. Central area- synovial fluid-move electrolytes, specialized endothelial cells keep fluid moving c. Glial cell- i. Astrocyte ii. Oligodendricyte iii. Schwan cells d. Axon i. Schwan cells wrap around ii. Lipids cause folding, lot of fat here 1. Insulator- don’t want a lot of axons coming in contact with each other this will cause short circuit 2. Nodes of ReignVere iii. Schwan cells and nodes of reignvere- 130-140meters per/second improves rate of nerve impulse 8. Astrocytes- CNS a. Blood-brain barrier b. Keep most fluids from leaking out c. When 9. Brain tumors- faulty glial cells 10. Axons- a. Myolinsheith b. Bipolar motor neuron c. Synaptic vesicles...
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Neurons - b Central area synovial fluid-move electrolytes...

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