Totalitarianism - 1 Directions a Get beginning of notes b...

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4/10/08 1. Directions a. Get beginning of notes b. Marxists-Lenininism i. Lenin- leader of the Bolshevik party. c. Academia 2. Communism a. Lenin, what is to be done, imperialism the highest stage of capitalism. b. Where did this revolution occur? Why? i. Russia was considered a great power in the world ruled by an emperor called the czar, an all powerful emperor supported a very rich powerful land and aristocracy, poor society, sleepy. Governed partially by the orthodox Christian church. Primative backwards religion. ii. War with japan in 1904 and 1905, showed the incompetence of the regime, created uprisings. iii. Czar promised reforms, a new democratic government. Went back on his promise and caused trouble. iv. Incompetent regime and horrible conditions. v. First Marxist political group in Russia, small then grew. This organization split apart at a part conference. 1. Bolsheviks- majority, even though they were minority in the Marxists party. 2. Mensheviks- minority, really the majority in the Marxist party. 3. Vanguard party- democratic centralism a. Would try to penetrate workers groups, universities, intellectual circles. b. Propeganda c. Labor agitation d. Opponents profoundly disagreed with them. e. Immediate end to the participation in the war would yield all power to the soviets of workers, intellectual…etc. vi. War between the whites and reds
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4/10/08 1. Whites were the resisting army to the rich, aristocracy, and the czar. Czar family captured by the Bolsheviks, and slaughtered. 2.
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Totalitarianism - 1 Directions a Get beginning of notes b...

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