42208 - End of Fascism and beginning of feminism 1 War...

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End of Fascism and beginning of feminism 4/22/08 1. War brought an end to fascism. 2. International web of connectedness and support for organizations a. Anti people of color, very anti-immigration b. In the united states, they take the form of a lot of skin head organizations c. Radical right wing militia d. Aryan Nation, Christian identity movement 3. Many of the same things that concern the rest of us also concern neo-Nazism a. Globalism b. Living on small farms
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End of Fascism and beginning of feminism 4/22/08 Feminism 1. Going back to ancient Greece, women who spoke out about the condition or situation of women within society. a. These were isolated voices 2. Broad general theory about the sexes in society- Mary Wollestonecraft 3. Elizabeth Katie Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Grimkey Sisters- all impact of women 4. Suffrage, the right to vote for women, birth control issues, the argument that women should have some control over one of the defining characteristics of females. It took a while but it was fairly successful. 5. Feminism is very much a phenomenon of western society 6. Feminism is all around the world, but there is stronger cultural resistance, but it will fall because feminism is so strong. 7. Feminism a. Basic premises i. Ultimately to replace comprenehism of structural patricarchy in all parts of life???? In terms of power dignity res ii. MAJOR CONTRIBUTION TO POLITICAL THEORY- the argument that the personal is political. Always been a distinction between the public sphere- government. The personal sphere is the zone right around us, eg: family life, raise families, survive as families. Feminists idea is that this is a false dichotomy , with those most intimate relationships, power is manifesting itself, and the relationship between adults and people is spin off. 8.
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42208 - End of Fascism and beginning of feminism 1 War...

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