Brazil and civil society

Brazil and civil society - a These 3 values create a...

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A ID- nation and significance of that term, example of that term. a. Civil Society - promotes citizen awareness, and better citizenery, more prone to be involved with politics, make more voting choices, hold government to be account able. b. Third sector civil society and democracy i. Individuals (not government) 1. Organized (against state) 2. Collective action has a purpose , interests, group values. ii. Almond and Verba 1. Civil-society and democracy 2. Worker’s Party (PT, Partido dos Trabalhadores) 3. “Lula” da Silva a. Robert Putnam- i. North Italy- more civic citicens being better informed ii. South Italy- less civic (places such as Sicily and others) 1. Higher levels of interpersonal trust 2. Shared values 3. social capital (very well informed citizens)
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Unformatted text preview: a. These 3 values create a society that is more civic b. Societies that do not have these 3 values i. Less trust ii. Less well-informed iii. Associations 1. Hierarchal 4. 1978-de Matta- “do you know to whom you are speaking “ hierarchy, class.etc. \ 5. 1980- “Dirctas ja” a. Civil society continued to exist as an NGO (always tried to maintain the distinction of being politically active and not being politically active). b. Form the workers party (1980)- the party that is currently in power in Brazil right now. Coalition- alliance of two or more parties to vote on issues and push policies through. (this was part of electoral system notes…only this definition ....
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Brazil and civil society - a These 3 values create a...

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