Russian Democracy Continued

Russian Democracy Continued - 3. Limits pretrial detention...

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Russian Democracy Continued… 1. 1999/2000: Putin as president a. Putin’s measures i. Centralization of power 1. 89 regions into 7 federal districts 2. Appoints people as heads of the federal districts, he can dismiss them as well 3. **numenklatura (elite) 4. Reliance for political support on personal networks 5. Recruits top officials from the military and security ranch ii. Stronghold of the regions 1. Beslan School hostage crisis a. Directly elected people of regions iii. Crackdown on media rights 1. Active censorship of TV, news, radio iv. Domestic issues 1. Launches 4 national projects a. Healthcare b. Education c. Housing d. Agriculture v. Reforms the judiciary 1. Centralizes the prisonal system 2. For the first time police are required to obtain warrants before criminal investigations
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Limits pretrial detention 4. Uses courts as a weapon to punish his political opponents vi. Oligarechy 1. Businessmen elite that hold power and make decisions (capitalism moves closer and closer to state vii. Crackdown on crime 1. Combats the Russian mob 2. Arrested if found drunk in the streets viii.Cult of personality 1. Uses 9/11 to his advantage 2. Russia has experienced attack before b. “Managed” Democracy i. Against official ideology of any form ii. Beurocratic iii. Pragmatic solutions to immediate problems iv. Statism-nationalism without the negative connotations v. Wants to restore Russia to its greatness US wants to put nuclear defense missle in Europe to protect from iran and russia...
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Russian Democracy Continued - 3. Limits pretrial detention...

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