Russia and Chechnya

Russia and Chechnya - 1 Sunni 90 of all muslims 10 Shiite...

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1. Russia and Chechnya: Wrap-Up a. After two years of fighting (1994-1996) 50,000 deaths, 7,500 soldiers, 4,000 Chechen guerillas, +- 35,000 civilians. b. New insurgency led by Shamil Basayev c. Kadyrov- don’t trust him because they didn’t vote for him, not protecting Chechens, methods are not humane (uses torture) d. Rebellion 2. Introduction to Iranian Politics a. History i. Main language is Persian ii. Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar (border Iran) iii. Independent since 55 BC iv. Never colonized by a European power 1. Russian Empire to the north and the Ottoman Empire to the southeast v. Rulers called the shah vi. Current borders since the 16 th century established by the Safavid dynasty 1. Established for the first time Twelve Shiism as the official state religion. vii. Religion
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Sunni 90% of all muslims, 10% Shiite viii.Have the prophet Muhammad (628 dies) religious and political leader ix. Abu Bakr x. Shiat-ali b. Iranian geography and society i. Sunni, Shiite , and the creation of an Islamic state 1. Sunni-make up 90% of all muslims 2. 10% Shiite ii. Twelver Shiism iii. Imam and ulema 1. Ulema-religious scholars a. Highly revered in Iranian society b. Viewed by society as independent from the state i. Had more political…then the shah ii. Had own source of income iii. Iran only state in the world that can clame a true theocracy . c. “Catching-up” i. Led by the Shiite ulema- first of a series of a movements and revolutions d. *1906 movement (revolution) is kind of a starter of what was to come. i. Maybe economic, values...
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Russia and Chechnya - 1 Sunni 90 of all muslims 10 Shiite...

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