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Post Stalinist order

Post Stalinist order - b Begins in 1987 i Public protest...

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1. Post Stalinist order: wrap up a. Gosplan - state planning commission all economic planning for USSR. 5 years each i. Foster rapid economic development b. 1975 economic curses- problems with gosplan’s plans especially about housing played down consumer goods 2. Gorbachev (1985-1991) (is leader from after revolution) a. Glasnost - liberalization, political opening and reconstruction of economy
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Unformatted text preview: b. Begins in 1987 i. Public protest refueling of nationalism- freedom of speech ii. Prisoners releaded iii. Allows non party members to run for party pesitions c. Perestroika i. Private ownership didn’t change economy to free market 1. High inflation, defect, under...
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