Revolution - 1. 1.3 Common Explanations for political...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. 1.3 Common Explanations for political violence a. How to compare them? 2. Revolution a. Theoretical explanations: relative deprivation and Theda Skocpol i. Relative deprivation- revolutions are a function of the relative gap between public expectations and actual conditions. ii. Theda skocpol- looked at france china and Russia-need a very specific set of conditions in order to come about. 1. Criticism- state is cause of own demise, she does not talk about leaders and how they have a big role in catalyzing revolution. b. Impact 3. Terrorism a. Definitions b. Causes Revolution: Public seizure of the state in order to overturn existing government and regime public participation o leaders, organizers, instigators distinguishes revolution from coup d'tat= elite o seize control from the state distinguishes revolutions from political violence o not simply the removal of the government but also of regime Terrorism: the use of violence by non-state actors against civilians in order to achieve a political goal. 1. Free will 2. Universal vs. particularist explanations State s t a t e Non-state war Guerilla war Actor C i v il i a n s Human -rights violations war crimes state sponsered terrorism terrorism state sponsored terrorism Individual personals and psychological attributes ...
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Revolution - 1. 1.3 Common Explanations for political...

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