Elements of Marxism

Elements of Marxism - what eve they want c crude communism...

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1. Elements of Marxism a. Marx’s vision 2. Innovativeness of Leninism a. Lenin’s vision 3. Marx crisis of capitalism Proletariat- machine worker,Burgeoisie- “factory owners”,De-value, unemployment, Specialized Surplus crisis of overproductio a. evolution of proletarid clss consciousness about their power and numbers, marx thinks that they are going to start forming agreements and pressuring their employers b. dictatorship of proletariat there are so many proletariat’s that they will get passed
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Unformatted text preview: what eve they want c. crude communism State is looking over everything d. mature communism eventually will move from crude communism to mature communism- the state slowly begins to disappear. 4. Lenin a. Capitalism’s stability exploitation of debtor nations vanguard party combined revolution crude communism mature communism. Graduated tax-Monopoly capitalism Workers aristocracy...
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