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Periods of Islamic Republic

Periods of Islamic Republic - iii Alliance of Builders of...

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1. Periods of Islamic Republic (cont’d) a. Khatami’s Liberalization (1997-2005) i. Allows woman to get divorce ii. Release banned books iii. Give magazines and news services new licenses b. Ahmadinijab and the “war generation” (2005-present) i. Moved into Iran in the prerevolutionary time ii. 1993-1996 served as governor of Ardabil
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran iv. 2005 he decides to run for president , 1. Wins 2. not pro UN 3. Atomic Bomb v. Populism and the ultra-conservatism 1. Housing subsidies for poorer families vi. Foreign policy vii. Wanted to take away birth control viii.Cut interest for banks...
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