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DIGITIAL PHOTOGRAPHY NOTES Shutter Speed: How quickly the camera’s “eye” blinks open and closed. Measured in seconds. 1/1000 Really fast 1/250 Fast enough to freeze most action 1/60 You can probably hold the camera still at this medium speed. Beware going lower! 1/8 Slow. Anything below this will blur significantly. You will probably shake it. 1/2 Quite a long time for a camera 1.5” One and a half seconds B Bulb mode – shutter stays open for as long as button is depressed *The longer the shutter is open, the more light comes in to brighten up the picture. Aperture: How wide the camera’s “pupil” is dilated. Also called iris. Measured in f-stops. f/2.8 Wide open – lets in lots of light – only a little will be in focus – shallow DoF f/4 Still pretty open f/8 Half open and half closed. Medium for light, focus, and DoF f/22 Closed down – very little light comes in – lots will be in focus – deep DoF *DoF is Depth of Field . It refers to how much is in focus, from the foreground to the background.
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