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Name Questions on Borowski Status Completed Score 10 out of 10 points Instructions Answer each question in one or more well thought out paragraphs (Blackboard doesn't show paragraphs, unfortunately, which is not a big concern, but you can write "New Paragraph" between yours if you wish). Minimum word count is 100 words per question. Most scores less than full credit reflect lack of development or sloppy, dashed off in a hurry answers. Question 1 5 out of 5 points Why do you think the author wrote this story? Explain your answer. Selected Answer: To me, it comes across as a bitter and heartfelt apology. It explains what happened and why he did what he did because he had to. It shows that he is not without remorse. His later suicide underlines that theory. It also seems to be for the purpose of warning others what human nature is like. He is trying to prevent Auschwitz from happening again. Although words are virtually inert, he is using shocking and realistic images to try to instill
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