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midterm 1 questions 1 - MEC 280 – Pollution and Human...

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MEC 280 – Pollution and Human Health 1) One of the pollutants associated with the Owens Lake problem was? Arsenic 2) Archeological records indicate that the first homo sapiens appeared about? 150,000 years (5 million years ago – first “human” species) (30,000 years ago – homo sapiens dominate) 3) The definition of “pollute” is to make unclean, impure, or corrupt as well as: ? Which does NOT belong? Regulate (Does belong: desecrate, defile, dirty) 4) The Industrial Revolution began in the early part of which century? 18 th century 5) According to recent estimates the human carrying capacity of earth is? 7 to 12 billion 6) In children, lead interferes with the development of the ? Brain 7) When did human agriculture begin (approx.)? 100,00 years ago 8) During the agricultural period, diseases became more common by means of: Transmission Accumulated wastes Diet changes 9) In ecosystems, organisms are in deadly competition with each other for evolutionary survival? False 10) Mostly all solutions to pollution problems are political? True
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midterm 1 questions 1 - MEC 280 – Pollution and Human...

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