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midterm 3 questions 1

midterm 3 questions 1 - Soy Diethylstilbestrol is a...

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MECO 280 – Pollution and Human Health Alcohol is an estrogen blocker. True Dioxin is an estrogen blocker Most xenoestrogen dissolve in water. False Estrogen is a small carbon rich molecule, built from cholesterol Which substance is not a xenoestrogen? NOx & CFC’s Which is not a lifestyle risk of increasing breast cancer? Giving birth at an early age The greek prefix “xeno” means? Foreign Breast cancer can be tested using? Chemo, surgery and physical therapy Removal of tissue is a means to treat breast caner. True Most xenoestrogen dissolve in fat Gene p53 predisposes you to what disease? Breast cancer Femara is a aromatase inhibito r Estrogen receptors are located in? Cells, in cell nuclei, and on nuclei walls Which is a phytoestrogen?
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Unformatted text preview: Soy Diethylstilbestrol is a synthetic estrogen and animal food additive, does not cause infertility. False The relative risk is approximately equal to the odds ratio when D’s are much smaller than N’s Today, in the US, the incidence rate of breast cancer in women has increase by two-halve fold The relative risk is equal to one when D’s are much larger than N’s Let us assume that for an adult make the risk of dying of a heart attack is 0.347. A new chemical fertilizer, after extensive testing, is found to increase the adult make risk of dying of a heart attack by 0.0004. Given this information the EPA will most likely: allow the commercial sale of the new chemical...
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