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midterm 3 questions 3 - DES To protect yourself from...

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MECO 280 – Pollution and Human Health Most xenoestrogens dissolve in water: False Dioxin and alcohol and cadmium are: Estrogen Blockers Which of the following is not a lifestyle risk of breast cancer in women? Early childbirth EPA stands for and the range for permittance to sell a chemical is: environmental protection agency, 0.0001 Estrogen regulates immune system Breast cancer can be treated using: all of the above (chemotherapy, surgery, physical therapy) Xeno means foreign Removal of tissue as a means to treat breast cancer is: True Most xenoestrogens dissolve in: Fat Gene p53 predisposes you to what disease: breast cancer Femara is: aromatase inhibitor Estrogen receptors are located in: all of the above (cells, cell nuclei, nuclei walls) Which of the following is a phytoestrogen: Soy Rachael Carson’s most famous book is: Silent Spring DDT was banned in: 1973 Acronym for diethlstiberol is:
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Unformatted text preview: DES To protect yourself from radiation you reduce time of expose shield yourself and: move away What does estrogen do: all of the above (sex characteristics, promotes occulation, regulates immune system) Risk of dying by something is 0.247, a chemical inc that risk by 0.0004, FDA will: ban commercial sale of chemical What is not an xenoestrogen: NoX What weed was first introduced as a crop: crabgrass Estrogen is made from: Cholesterol Percent of crops that are GMO: 75% Calories in 1 lb of fatness: 4,000 DES leads to: Infertility Xenoestrogens tend to dissolve in water yes??? Nope When is relative risk equal to odds ratio: RR is equal to OR when Ds much smaller than Ns. Since 1960 breast cancer has increased by: two-half fold RR is equal to 1 when: D’s are much larger than N’s If new chemical inc risk by 0.0000004 then EPA will: Allow...
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midterm 3 questions 3 - DES To protect yourself from...

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