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midterm 2 questions 2 - The chemical symbol C6H12O6...

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MEC 280 Test 2 Review questions part 2 Atmospheric C02 omits infrared radiation in All directions CFCs were used in Foams, refrigerants, propellants, all of the above 60% of the CFC-12 will disappear from the atmosphere in about 116 years The battle of Trenton took place in the 1700s Increased heat deaths, disease, and less portable water are likely consequences of Global Warming Global warming may lead to Intense droughts, more hurricanes, more flooding, another ice age The year without a summer took place in 1816 In the stratosphere, air temperature increases with Increase in height In the troposphere, it is cooler higher and Warmer further down Which region is the most unstable/turbulent part of the atmosphere? Troposphere Which region of the earth’s atmosphere is the most furthest from the earth’s surface? Exosphere 60% of the CFC-11 will disappear from the atmosphere in about 55 years Visible light has wavelengths in the range 400-680 nano meters (NM)
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Unformatted text preview: The chemical symbol C6H12O6 represents? Glucose Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas? Oxygen The Maunder Minimum refers to A minimum in solar sunspot activity Increased radiation in the range of 288-290 NM may Destroy corneal cells, scar the conjunctiva, and cause cataracts What percentage of all the people in the world live near sea level? 60% Which of the following is considered as an example of a carbon cycle? Photosynthesis, metabolism, combustion, sedimentation, all of the above Rising in sea level as a result of global warming can lead to Intense draughts, more and stronger hurricanes, increased flooding due to rising sea level, and an ice age (less fresh H20, more rainfall, and less mountain snow, all of the above) By the year 2100, the rise in sea level is estimated to be about One half meter Which of the following states are parts of the MINK Project? Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas...
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midterm 2 questions 2 - The chemical symbol C6H12O6...

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